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BRUNO Multi Stick Blender - Green
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A strong helper in a busy life. Short-time cooking with a blender that can perform 5 cooking roles!

Mix, crush, chop, crush, whisk... BRUNO Multi Stick Blender is a multi-purpose handy blender. It's slim and lightweight, so it's easy to cook with one hand, just like it's powerful enough to break ice.

It helps daily cooking, from time-consuming preparation to making baby food.

How To Use (by using 3 types of attachments)


Can be used as it is in a pot or bowl. It's nice to be able to reduce the amount of washing.
〇 Cooking example: potage, dip and puree.


For making baby food and smoothies. Grind well to finish with a smooth texture. It is easy to hold even with small hands. And it is lightweight, so even women can use it without stress.
〇 Cooking example: baby food, smoothie


Easily save time for troublesome preparation. Chopped vegetables are completed in no time! Cut ingredients into small pieces evenly, making troublesome preparations easy and quick.
〇 Cooking example: chopped vegetables, minced raw meat


Convincing power to crush ice. The chopper bottle equipped with a titanium-coated blade can be operated continuously for 3 minutes*, and ice can be crushed too.
* When using a blender, it depends on the ingredients used.
〇 Cooking example: Frozen drink

[ Whipping ]

For whipping cream and meringue. Widely used from daily meals to making sweets.
〇 Cooking example: whipped cream, omelet



・Slim and compact
The handle part has a slim design and fits well to the hands of small hands. It is easy to use every day.

Brenda (mix / crush), whipper (whisper), chopper (chop / crush) attachments make cooking much more convenient!

・Blender cup & brush
A blender cup with a convenient scale and a brush for cleaning are also included.

・Easy to clean up
Above: With the included cleaning brush, you can clean even the dirt on the blade and small parts.
Bottom: You can easily remove the dirt by putting a small amount of neutral detergent in water or lukewarm water in the attached blender cup and operating the blender, stick, and whipper.




Product Specifications

* The size and weight of the main body are when using a blender stick.
Weight: Body + blender (stick) 570g, body + chopper (bottle) 770g, body + whipper 540g

Material Body: Polypropylene
Blender Stick: Polypropylene / Stainless Steel
Whipper: ABS resin / stainless steel
Chopper: ABS resin / stainless steel (titanium coating)
Blender cup: AS resin
Blender (crush, mix), chopper (chop, crush), whipper (whisper)
Power Consumption Power consumption when using a blender chopper: 200W
Inclusive of Whipper, chopper bottle, bottle lid, cutter for chopper bottle, blender cup (500ml), cleaning brush
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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