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Recolte Compact Rice Cooker - Red
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Recolte Compact Rice Cooker is a multifunctional rice cooker with a minimalist design, with an easy-to-use touch control panel, it will only lights up during use. Since it is equipped with a variety of cooking menus, you can cook different dishes, baking bread, making soups, etc. For rice cooking, it can cook 0.5 to 2.5 cups.

Rice Cooking from 0.5 to 2.5 Cups !

Perfect for serving one or two people. Even small households can enjoy freshly cooked rice every meal.

Even a small amount can be cooked deliciously, so you can use it conveniently, such as cooking one go for breakfast and putting the rest in your lunch box.

・As its small size, it is easy to place it in the kitchen even space is limited!
・With space-saving design that can be placed on a dining table or kitchen counter.

More Deliciously!
With Excellent Heat Conducting Structure 

・Special dual layer structure 
The inner pot has a ceramic coating, which is easy to clean.

Minimal design that fits into your home interior

The concept of "rice cooker = a feeling of life". with simple and minimal design, it uses a touch panel, and it only lights up and displayed during operating.

・Uses IMD (in-mold display) that turns off when not in use.
・There are three colors: white and black, which are easy to incorporate into the interior, and red, which accentuates the space. (Only color red is available in UK now.) 

With Multi Functions!
Slow cooking, Steaming & Simmering!

With microcomputer control, you can choose from 6 different cooking menus in addition to the white rice mode, so you can cook various dishes such as side dishes and baking cakes. Just put the ingredients in and leave it to us.

・6 cooking menus can be selected by touch panel operation. Because it is flat, it is easy to clean.
・In "White Rice mode" (白米), you can cook 0.5 to 2.5 cups per time.

・You can easily cook brown rice with "Brown Rice" (玄米) on the cooking menu. ・"Steaming / simmering" (蒸す/煮る) is simple, just adding ingredients and press the start.

・Bread dough can be fermented with "fermentation"(発酵) and baked with "Quick Cooking"(早炊き)! Freshly baked bread is completed with just Recolte Compact Rice Cooker.
・"Slow Cook"(低温調理) can also be used for meat dishes such as steak and roast beef that slowly cook and trap the flavor at a low temperature of 65 °C.

・"Quick Cook"(早炊き) is not only for cooking white rice quicker, but also for different cooking idea.
・"Porridge"(おかゆ) makes porridge easy to cook.


As a Second Cooker for Different Side Dishes!

Because it is small and easy to use, it can be used as a second cooker. You can also make side dishes, so you can use it as a cooking aid!

・It is also convenient as a second rice cooker when you want to cook brown rice individually in the cooking menu.

・After adding the ingredients, you can leave the rest to Recolte Compact Rice Cooker.

With original recipes you want to make every day

It comes with a recipe book that contains 24 recipes that can be fully utilized by Recolte Compact Rice Cooker, you can try different dishes every day.

Before Use

Before using for the first time
Wash the inner pot, inner lid, rice ladle and measuring cup with water.
* After washing, attach the inner lid firmly.

Control Panel


How to Cook White Rice

01. Weigh the rice in a measuring cup, wash it, soak it in water and drain. Put the rice into the inner pot.
Connect the Power Cable to the Main body, press the Lid hook to open the lid, and set the Inner Pot into the Main body.
* Wipe off any water droplets or rice mash on the outside of the inner pot before setting it into the Main body.

02. Press the "White Rice" button → "START" button in order to start cooking rice.
10 minutes before cooking, the timer display will start the countdown.

03. When the Timer display reaches 00:00, a beep sound will be heard. When the "Keep warm / Cancel" button lights up, the cooking is finished. It will automatically keeps warm (up to 12 hours), and the timer display counts up the elapsed time.
Press the Lid hook to open the lid, stir and loosen the rice with a Rice paddle

04. The "Keep warm / Cancel" button lights up during keeping warm. Keep warm can last for up to 12 hours. To stop keep warm, press the "Keep warm / Cancel" button for 2 seconds. To keep warm again, press the "Keep warm / Cancel" button for 2 seconds again.
* Please do not keep warm with the rice paddle together.

How to Use Cooking Menu

01. Prepare the ingredients and Recolte Compact Rice Cooker.
Connect the Power Cable to Main Body. Set the Inner Pot containing the ingredients in the Main Body and close the lid.

02. Press the "MENU" button and select the Cooking menu.
* The cooking time can be adjusted depending on the cooking menu. For details, see "How to set the cooking time".

03. When you press the "START" button, cooking will start and the Timer display will count down. When the number reaches 00:00 and you hear a "pee-pee-pee-pee" sound, the cooking is done.
* "Quick Cook" and "Brown Rice" are automatically kept warm when they are cooked.


How to Set the Cooking Time

01. Press the "MENU" button and select the Cooking menu.
The cooking time setting is valid only when "Porridge", "Fermentation", "Slow Cook" and "Steaming / Simmering" are selected.

① The "Hours / Minutes" button on the operation panel blinks.
② Press the "Hours" button or "Minutes" button to set the time desired.
The "Hours" button advances "1 hour" each time it is pressed, and the "Minutes" button advances "10 minutes".
* If you want to delay the cooking, set it at this stage. For details, see "How to Set Delay Timer".

03. Press the "START" button to start cooking. ":" Flashes on the time display, and the number decreases every minute after the first minute.
When cooking is finished, you will hear a beeping sound.
* The operation after cooking is the same as usual.

How to Set Delay Timer

01. Press the "White Rice" button or the "MENU" button and select the cooking menu. At this time, the cooking time of the basic setting of each cooking menu is displayed on the timer display.
* If you want to change the cooking time, change it at this stage. For details, see "How to Set the Cooking Time".

① When you press the "Delay" button, the "Hours" / "Minutes" button will blink. The cooking time is displayed on the timer display.
② Press the "Hours" / "Minutes" button to set the delay time. The "Hours" button advances "1 hour" each time it is pressed, and the "Minutes" button advances "10 minutes".

03. Press the "START" button to start the delay timer. In the timer part, ":" blinks, and in the number part, the number decreases every minute.
Cooking will start automatically when the delay time has passed and the cooking time has come. When cooking is finished, you will hear a beeping sound.
* "White Rice" and "Brown Rice" may be cooked earlier than the delay time, as the sensor will keep reading the temperature inside the inner pot depending on the amount of ingredients, water temperature and water amount.


How to Clean

Inner Pot / Inner Lid / Measuring Cup / Rice Paddle
After removing the Inner pot, Inner lid, Measuring cup and Rice paddle from the Main body, wash them thoroughly with a sponge containing a neutral detergent for kitchen, and then wipe off the water with a dry cloth.

Main Body
Wipe the Main body with a dry cloth.
If it is extremely dirty, wipe it off with a cloth with a neutral kitchen detergent diluted with water. After that, wipe off the water with a dry cloth.

Product Specifications
Size W225mm×D204mm×H210mm
Weight 1.6kg~ 
Power Consumption 300W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main unit, Inner Pot, Inner Lid, Measuring Cup, Rice Paddle, Manual & Recipes (in Traditional Chinese)
Material Body: PP
Inner Pot: Aluminum (with Ceramic Coating)

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