BRUNO Steam & Bake Toaster (Preorder: November)

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You can enjoy toastie like freshly baked everyday!

With the brand new "Power steam function", BRUNO Steam & Bake Toaster make the toastie crunchy outside and soft inside, just like freshly baked! You can enjoy a more delicious breakfast and afternoon tea from now on!

Three modes to cover more recipes!

By using 3 different modes, you can use it for cooking a wide range of dishes, from the usual breakfast to decent meal on special occasions.

Steam mode

Just add 5ml of water and bake, to make your regular toast crispy outside and soft  inside.

Convection mode
It locks in the flavor of meat and fish and bakes it to a plump and juicy finish. There is no uneven baking, and dessert can be baked without preheating.

Normal mode
You can use it for dishes such as pizza that you want to have a grilled mark on the surface.

Two secrets of "deliciousness"

"Power steam function" and "Umami wrapping method" make your usual dishes much more delicious!


1. Power steam function

The surface of the bread is wrapped in a thin veil of water vapor and baked at a high temperature without escaping moisture, so the moisture is preserved even after baking. This is the reason why the outside is crunchy and the inside is chewy.

2. Umami wrapping method

The heat of the heater is circulated inside the cabinet with a fan, and the ingredients are wrapped in uniform heat. By applying heat to the entire food, you can achieve a beautiful finish with little unevenness even at high temperatures.

It is an excellent product that can be used for a wide range of dishes, from dessert to non-fried dishes.A steamer that can be used quickly in every scene of everyday life.

4 slices of bread in just 4 minutes! 

BRUNO Steam & Bake Toaster is powerful enough to bake the bread for the whole family at the same time even during busy times!
* When using bread without topping at [Steam mode] 250 degrees.

・Despite its slim size, the interior is spacious enough to toast four slices of toast at the same time.
・Just add 5ml of water and bake when using the Power Steam mode.

・Place the bundled baking tray on the grill to cook ingredients with a lot of water or oil.

The fan inside the oven creates airflow, allowing hot air to circulate inside the oven for efficient cooking.

・You can switch the mode of "Steam", "Normal", and "Convection" according to the cooking method.


You can set the temperature (Unit: °C) and cooking time (Unit: minutes) precisely. 

・The breadcrumb tray and grill net can also be removed for easy cleaning.
・A set of the main body, grill net for baking tray, baking tray, and water supply cup.


Product Specifications
Size W350mm×H225mm×D370mm (Outer size)
W280mm×H80mm×D260mm (Inner size)
Water capacity 5ml
Function Steam mode, Convection mode, Normal mode
Temperature control, Timer (30 minutes)
Power cord 1.2m
Net Weight
Power consumption
Water cup, baking tray, grill net, breadcrumb tray

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