Double Waffle Plate (for Grill Sand Maker Double)


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You can make waffle for friends and family at once! Waffle plate for Hot Sand Maker

It's a big size, you can layer fresh cream and fruits to make it look like a cake, or you can cut it and share it with everyone.
It is an optional plate exclusively for "BRUNO Hot Sand Maker Double" that you can enjoy arranging in your favorite size.

Please use it by setting it in "BRUNO Hot Sand Maker Double" (sold separately). For snack time and parties. You can make large size waffles that everyone can cut and enjoy.

* Caution * Be sure to slide the lever to attach / detach the plate.


Product Specifications
Size W250mm×H19mm×D142mm
Weight 1kg~ 
Material Aluminum alloy (inner surface fluororesin coating film processing)

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