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BRUNO Air Fryer - Pale Blue
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BRUNO Air Fryer is arrived!

The crispy and delicious food is irresistible, it will be healthier if it is made by air frying! BRUNO's new Compact Air Fryer is equipped with accurate time and temperature electronic control, and adds the function of automatically continuing to cook after a pause. It reduces the cooking time in the kitchen, and it is healthier than traditional frying.

・1,400W powerful 360° circulating hot air, cooking the ingredients more evenly
・IMD touch control panel, sensitive operation and easy to clean
・Electronic time and temperature control, time can be set for 1~60 minutes, temperature can be set for 80°C~200°C, making cooking more precise
・The 2.6L frying basket and oil filter rack have an easy-to-clean coating for easier cleaning
・Adjust the temperature and air frying time in units of 5°C and per minute, making cooking more convenient
・During the air frying process, the frying basket will automatically stop heating when it is pulled out, and the frying basket will automatically continue to cook according to the scheduled time when it is placed back in the frying basket

Equipped with a 2.6L frying basket and an oil filter rack. The accessories have an easy-to-clean coating, making it easier to clean after use.

The temperature and air frying time are adjusted in units of 5°C and per minute, making cooking more convenient.

Pull out the frying basket in the middle of cooking to stop heating, which is convenient for reversing the ingredients or adding ingredients. Putting it back into the frying basket will automatically continue cooking. 


Product Specifications
Size W230mm×D280mm×H280mm
Weight 5kg~ 
Power cord
1 meter
Power Consumption 1400W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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