BRUNO Cordless Blender – Pink

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With USB charging function, BRUNO Cordless Blender can be used anywhere! You can easily carry it around, make smoothies and frozen drinks anywhere, such as in the office or on the go.

The lid and blade are integrated, so it can be stored compactly. It can be washed as a whole, cleansing will be much easier. Not only as a smoothie, but also as a shaker for protein and powder drinks. Support your healthy life everyday!


・compact-size blender can be casually placed on your desk in the office or on the go. 
Since it can be charged via USB from a PC, etc., it can be used and carried cordlessly anytime, anywhere! 
It's slim and lightweight, so it can be used as a shaker for protein and powder drinks. With a rubber grip that is easy to grip. 
Available in 3 colors: ivory, green and pink.

How To Use

1. Put the ingredients in the bottle according to the recipe and attach the main body (lid part).
2. Press the power switch twice to turn on the indicator lamp and start operation.
3. When the operation starts, place it upside down on a flat and stable table. (* If you hold it in your hand and shake it lightly while driving, it will be easier for the materials to mix.)
4. After confirming that the operation has stopped, turn the main body (lid part) counterclockwise and remove it from the bottle to complete.



The rubber grip makes you hold the bottle easier.
With a strap, it can be stored by hanging it on a hook.
Since the blade is built in the back of the main body (lid part), it is safe to remove when drinking.
Each part and packing can be disassembled and washed completely. 


Product Specifications
Size W95mm×H185mm×D85mm
Capacity 300ml
Power Consumption 50watt
Charging time 2.5Hours
Net Weight
Notes Please don't put ingredient over 40 degrees
Plug type USB

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