BRUNO Glass Tea Bottle - Pink

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Extract tea leaves with your favorite strength!

Since the tea leaves and tea can be separated, you can keep the desired strength over time. Double glass structure that is easy to hold by hand, even if you put boiling water in it. Since it is made of heat-resistant glass, it is also characterized by being resistant to scratches and odors. You can easily brew tea anywhere, so it is also recommended for my office bottle.


How To Use

1. Put the tea leaves in a small bottle and attach the centerpiece unit.
2. Pour hot water into the bottle (large) and install it by turning the bottle (small) upside down.
3. Tilt the bottle (small) down 45 ° and drop the hot water on the tea leaves.
4. When you reach the desired strength, turn it upside down to extract the tea.


・The filter of the centering unit does not pass tea leaves, but only hot water during extraction.
It has a double glass structure that does not get hot on the outside, even when hot water is added. It is easy to hold by hand.
Made of heat-resistant glass, it is resistant to scratches and odors and can be used cleanly for a long time.
You can easily brew tea anywhere, so it is also recommended for my office bottle.


Product Specifications
Size W65mm×H220mm×D65mm
Capacity 150ml
Temperature ・ Heat-resistant glass equipment Usage classification: For hot water Heat-resistant temperature difference: 120 ℃
・ Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature: 200 ℃)
・ Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 120 ℃) 

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