BRUNO x Miffy Thermal Mug 460ml (Tall) - Blue

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miffy X BRUNO Limited edition is available now!

This summer, BRUNO and Miffy, launched a new crossover series for the first time. The cute Miffy illustration jumps into BRUNO famous products. On the machine and thermos, you can easily make delicious food in the shape of Miffy, enjoy table time with Miffy and her friends, and let cooking more fun!

The mug is integrated with Miffy's rich colors and illustrations, and the cute patterns include Miffy who is riding a skateboard, swimming, holding a balloon and a bear doll. Let's dive into the world of Miffy together! The themo mug keeps drinks warm with a double-layer vacuum structure, and the thoughtful sliding lid is convenient and prevents dust from falling into the drink.

Product Specifications
Size W130mm×D90mm×H125mm
Weight 330g~ 
Double-layer vacuum structure
heat insulation: 71 °C or more (1 hours) / 33 °C or more (6 hours)
cold insulation: 7
 °C or less (1 hours) / 15 °C or less (6 hours)
Main body bin: Stainless steel
Body body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid: Polypropylene / PBT resin
Handle: Polypropylene

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