BALMUDA The GreenFan Japan EGF-1788-WK (White/Black)

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A fan that reproduces the wind of the natural world


The GreenFan is a fan that reproduces the natural wind with its unique technology. The comfortable breeze that blows through the summer afternoon is reproduced in the room. Have a wonderful summer day with a pleasant GreenFan breeze.


・220V version with UK plug
・Made in Japan, patented double-layer axial fan blade design
Using DC brushless motor, excellent quietness
The wind coverage about 4 times wider than the general electric fan, and the wind texture is much more softer
The maximum wind distance can reach to 15 meters
2 horizontal axis steering angles, maximum 150° / min 30°
The lowest power consumption rate is only 1.5W
The volume of the basic air volume is only 13dB
It can be equipped with original rechargeable battery, which can work wirelessly for up to 20 hours


Brand new double-layer structure fan blade

Can natural wind be sent from an electric fan? What realizes this idea is the unique double structure fan blade. The fast wind and slow wind can be sent out at the same time, and then the two wind speeds can collide with each other to eliminate the vortex, and an electric fan with a wide wind range is created accordingly.

Turn everywhere

The Green Fan's unique function "Turn everywhere", you can freely set the swing angle by turning the motor head at the start angle, then turn it to the ending angle, that's it! The GreenFan will remember the angle you set. You can always create a comfortable space by narrowing the angle and sending the wind intensively when it is hot, or by setting the swing angle wide when you want to circulate the air in the entire room.

Wind distance up to 15 meters

With a wide range of wind distance and large wind volume, The GreenFan can supply wind at a distance of up to 15 meters. Because it can make a lot of air flow, it can also be used as a circulating machine in winter, and it can be used throughout the year.

Wider wind

The wide and soft wind is the characteristic of GreenFan. It can send out a wind that is 4 times wider than a normal fan, which is as cool and comfortable as surrounded by natural wind.

Let the wind be portable!

The battery and base selected by The GreenFan allow you to use it immediately in various occasions. For example, in the hot summer kitchen, the changing room after the shower. Cool and comfortable natural wind can be blown anywhere in the house.

Quietness that does not interfere with sleep

The GreenFan achieves overwhelming quietness. The volume of wind mode 1 is only 13 dB, which is the same as the flapping of two butterflies. The pleasant and quiet breeze is perfect for a summer bedroom.

Minimum energy

A unique blade with good ventilation efficiency, a DC brushless motor, and a dedicated low-power circuit have achieved advanced energy-saving performance. The minimum power consumption is 1.5W, and the electricity bill is only 29 yen even if you use it for a summer.

In combination with air conditioner, more healthy and more cool!

Place The GreenFan diagonally across the air conditioner and circulate the cool air that stays down towards the air conditioner to cool the entire room.

Battery & Dock (Optional)

If you combine The GreenFan with the battery and dock, you can use it as a cordless fan that you can carry around freely. Battery life is up to 20 hours. Charging starts just by placing the main unit on the attached dock, so there is no need to connect or disconnect the adapter wire when you want to carry it.


Product Specifications
Size W330mm×D320mm×H871mm (Floor mode) / 497mm (Desktop mode)
Weight 4.1kg~ 
Power cord
1.8 meter
Power Consumption 1.5W 〜 20W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main unit, remote control, multi-plug adapter, instruction manual (with warranty)
Manufactured in Japan

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