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A hot plate with an attractive BBQ style that you can enjoy at the dinning table! The basic set comes with a Barbecue Plate that is useful for grilled dishes and a Flat Plate that is useful for stir-fried foods and Okonomiyaki (大阪烧). The greatest attraction is the powerful power, and you can wash the entire body too! In addition to the attached plate, there are also a variety of optional plates where you can enjoy various dishes.

High Power! Grill the Steak more Delicious!

Equipped with a powerful heater that can keep high temperatures. Even thick steaks can be grilled so juicy without missing the gravy.

Even thick steaks have a crispy surface and a soft, juicy inside.

・The powerful heater can adjust the temperature from 110 ℃ to 250 ℃.
・By filling water in the Water Tray, which can prevent the heat from being transferred to the dinning table.

Removing Excess Oil, Make Dishes More Healthy!

The Barbecue Plate has a mechanism that removes excess oil from 6 holes. Meat such as pork belly can be grilled more deliciously and healthy.

・The Barbecue Plate gives the ingredients a beautiful grilled texture. Excess oil will fall into the Water Tray through the 6 holes avoiding the heater.
・The dirty Water Tray can be washed with water.

Excellent Washable Design!

The Heater can be removed, and the entire Plates to the Main Body can be washed with water, so can be cleaned thoroughly without worrying about dirt. As it is compact and light, the whole body can be easily washed in the sink and easy to clean.

4 plates to Enjoy a Variety of Dishes!

The basic set comes with two plates: Barbecue Plate and Flat plate. In addition, we have a wide variety of Ceramics Steam Pot Set and Takoyaki Plate as options sold separately.

Barbecue Plate (bundled) is useful for grilled dishes. Removed excess oil from the 6 holes and grilled more deliciously and healthy. Not only for the steaks, but also for roasted fish and vegetable prochette.

Flat plate (bundled) is a plate where you can enjoy a wide range of menus such as grilled dishes, stir-fried dishes, okonomiyaki, and pancakes. It's a versatile plate that you'll want to leave on the table from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

Ceramics Steam Pot Set (sold separately) is treated with a ceramic coating to prevent it from burning. Widely used for hot pot dishes and cooked rice. You can also enjoy various steamed dishes by using the Steamed Plate.

Takoyaki Plate (sold separately) can bake 15 large ball-sized takoyaki with a diameter of 4.5 cm. There is a height on the edge of the plate, so you can safely pour in plenty of dough. Anyone can easily make a round takoyaki. Due to its large diameter, it is convenient for making rounded rice balls, round omelets, mini hamburgers, and other side dishes for lunch boxes and parties.

It's worth seeing! With a Large Recipe Book!

It comes with an A4 version of a special recipe book that contains 20 items such as stylish BBQ ideas, various grilled dishes, stir-fried foods and crepes made with Barbecue Plate and Flat Plate. The optional plate sold separately also comes with its own recipe.

Simply put the meat with the seasoning in the frying basket, set the temperature and time, done!



How to Use

01. Prepare the Main Body.

02. Set Water Tray in the Main Body. Set the heater insertion holes on the sides of the Main Body and the Water Tray, so that they are in the same position.

03. Set the Heater from the heater insertion slot.

04. Fill the Water Tray with water in about 700 ml.

05. Select the plate to use and set it.

06. Temperature Control Dial is set according to the dish. If you put the lid on and preheat it, the Plate will warm up more quicker. When the set temperature is exceeded, the thermostat (automatic temperature adjustment device) works and heating stops automatically (and the lamp goes out). When the temperature drops to the set temperature, heating starts again to keep the plate temperature constant.

How to Clean

・When the Plate, Main Body and Heater have cooled sufficiently, remove the Heater.
・All parts can be disassembled, so all parts (except the Heater) can be washed with water.

Product Specifications
Size W420mm×D230mm×H165mm
Weight 3kg~ 
Power Consumption 1200W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main Body, Heater, Water Tray, BBQ Plate, Flat Plate, Manual & Recipes (in Traditional Chinese)
Material Body: Steel, stainless steel, phenol resin, PBT resin
BBQ plate / Flat plate: Aluminum (non-stick processing)

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