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Recolte Hot Water Server can turn the water in a bottled water into hot water in just 2 seconds! You can choose from 3 hot water temperatures: 50 ° C, 80 ° C, and MAX (95 ° C), easily select it with the dial. It is compact size that is easy to use not only in the kitchen and living room, but also in the office and bedroom!

Get Hot Water in 2 Seconds!

Recolte Hot Water Server uses MCH (metal ceramic heater) which is often used for hair irons. You can instantly turn water into hot water with high power. The temperature of hot water is 50 ℃, 80 ℃, MAX (about 95 ℃), which is often needed in daily life. You can easily select with the dial.

・The Lid can also be used to adjust the height of the cup.
・You can use the CLEAN mode to keep hygienic without leaving water inside. Turn the lid over and use it as a water pan.

Lightweight & Compact Size!
Easy to Use in Various Scenes 

With cute compact size, it is easy to put in the office or bedroom. It's light, so it's easy to carry ♪

The design fits into the any interior style, which is easy to use in various scenes.

Put it on your desk and make it your own hot water server.

It's easy to put on the bedside, so it's also good for hydration before and after sleeping.


Compatible with PET bottles up to 1L

Simply attach the Cap Adapter to PET bottle and insert it into the Insertion Slot of the Main Body. Compared to other rental water servers, there is no need for troublesome contracts, and it is also attractive that you can easily use your favorite water.

Compatible with bottled water up to 1L. You can use your favorite water as hot water..

Unlike large-capacity tanks, water bottle can be replaced easily.

Before Use:

・Wash the Cap Adapters with water and wipe the Main Body with a kitchen rag.
Be sure to remove the Water Outlet Cap attached.
Please use the Hot Water Server in a flat place which is not slippery and not wet.
After setting the PET bottle, wash the Hot Water Server with water for 10 seconds or more in [CLEAN] mode.


Use CLEAN mode

For the first time use, or the Hot Water Server has been idled over 24 hours, wash it in CLEAN mode first.
① Set the bottled water with the Cap Adapter attached to the Main Body.
② Place a water pan or a cup under the Water Outlet, and set the Dial to CLEAN mode.
③ Water will come out from the Water Outlet in about 7 seconds (about 2 seconds after the first time).
④ When the water comes out for about 10 seconds, set the Dial back to OFF (2 to 3 seconds after the first time).

How to Use

01. Turn the Cap Adapter that matches the diameter of the PET bottle clockwise to attach it. After installing it, turn it upside down and check if water leaks.
* If the PET bottle is thin and soft, the PET bottle will be deformed and it will be difficult for hot water to come out.


02. Insert the bottled water with the Cap Adapter straight into the Insertion Slot and turn it clockwise until it stops firmly.
Make sure that the Dial is set to OFF, then plug the Power plug into the wall socket (a beep sounds).

03. Turn the Dial and select the desired mode from 50 °C, 80 °C, and MAX.
Hot water starts to come out in about 2 seconds.
When set to OFF, the hot water will stop.
* If the hot water does not come out and the notification sound sounds, return the Dial to OFF and try the operation again.

How to Remove the Bottled Water

01. Hold the PET bottle and the Main Body by hand, and slowly turn it counterclockwise to remove it while pulling up the PET bottle.
* If you turn the PET bottle vigorously with strong force, the Cap Adapter and the PET bottle may come off.

① Place a water pan or cup the Water Outlet, and set the Dial to CLEAN mode. The water that has accumulated in the Insertion Slot will come out. When the water runs out, a beep sounds and the operation stops.
② Return the Dial back to OFF.
③ Repeat steps ① and ② until the water in the Insertion Slot runs out.
④ Unplug the Power Plug from the wall socket and cover the Lid with the Main Body.
* Discard the remaining water as it may cause stains and odors inside the Main Body.

How to Clean the Inside by Citric Acid

It is recommended to clean the inside of the Main Body, Water Outlet, and Insertion Slot about once a month. Water stains need to be removed more often, especially if mineral or hard water is used.
Insert the Power Plug into the wall socket.
Put about 300ml of water and about 15g of citric acid in a PET bottle and shake well until the citric acid is completely dissolved.
Set a PET bottle containing water containing citric acid in the Main Body, and place a cup under the Water Outlet.
④ Turn the Dial to 80 ℃ to drain the water in the PET bottle.
⑤ Repeat steps ② to ④ depending on the dirt level.
⑥ Finally, put only water in the PET bottle, drain the water in the PET bottle at 80 ℃ in the same way, and rinse it 2-3 times.
⑦ Unplug the Power Plug from the wall socket and cover the Lid with the Main Body.

Product Specifications
Size W115mm×D170mm×H230mm
Weight 770g~ 
Power Consumption 1300W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main Body, Lid, Cap Adapter x2, Manual (in Traditional Chinese)
Material Main Body / Lid: ABS resin
Cap Adapter: PP

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