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“Fête” means “feast” or “party” in French.The sizzling sound of grilling, the savory aromas, the simmering steam.With the POT DUO fête, you can enjoy all kinds of cuisine at the table by changing out the components. Enjoy simmering, cooking, steaming, frying, and grilling.Rich moments of eating piping-hot food while cooking at the table.Great for a small group or for a party menu.


5-in-1 tabletop electric hotpot for simmering, grilling, steaming, frying, and cooking.

The POT DUO fête is a compact tabletop electric hotpot that’s just right for a small number of people, or as one item on a party menu.By changing out the components, you can enjoy all kinds of cuisine made by simmering, grilling, steaming, frying, and cooking, right at the table.

For simmering and stewing, use the ceramic bowl. Enjoy hotpot, ajillo, and cheese fondue.

Use the grill plate to grill. Enjoy grilled food, stir-fries, and okonomiyaki right at the table.The fluoride resin coating helps keep food from burning and sticking, and makes maintenance simple.

Use the ceramic bowl and the steaming rack for steaming.Easily enjoy steamed food like vegetables and fish.Re-steam commercial dumplings and other dishes for a much more delicious dish.

Use the ceramic bowl and the frying cover as a set for frying.Enjoy piping-hot skewered fried vegetables and meat, or tempura, right at the table.For your day-to-day dinner table, or for parties.

Use the ceramic bowl for cooking rice and similar items. Enjoy rice, seasoned rice, porridge, and risotto.

Enjoy piping-hot food right at the table

POT DUO’s appeal is in being able to eat piping-hot, fresh food while cooking at the table.There’s nothing better than enjoying hotpot, skewered fried food, or tempura while frying the just-right amounts each time.The POT DUO fête comes in handy for your day-to-day dinner table and for entertaining.Enjoy the pleasure of indulging in freshly cooked food while cooking at the table, something you can’t taste when you cook in the kitchen.

Fried skewers enjoyed while frying your favorite ingredients one at a time are a popular menu item with adults and with kids.

The POT DUO is the perfect size for shabu-shabu too, a dish in which fresh ingredients are briefly dipped into hot soup or dashi soup stock.

Your guests will be delighted to enjoy hot wine at the table, a favorite in the winter season.

Bagna cauda and cheese fondue are easy to prepare, and are always a show-stopper at parties. We also recommend chocolate fondue and ajillo.

Compact and easy to pull out and use any time

The POT DUO fête is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and easy to store.Easy to pull it out whenever you want to use it.

All of the included components can stack and be tidily stored away.Weighing in at a total of only 1.6kg, it’s easy to take out and put away.

Thirty recipes to enjoy freshly cooked!

We’ve included plenty of recipes (in Traditional Chinese) with great variety, with a focus on ones that are fun to make at the table, from hotpot, to grilled cuisine, to party items.


For the instruction of use in english, please kindly read it here: Recolte website (english)


Product Specifications
Size W240mm×D220mm×H175mm
Weight 1.6kg~ 
Set Contents Main body, lid, frying cover, steaming rack, ceramic bowl, grill plate, recipe book (traditional chinese)
Power Consumption 650W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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