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2-in-1 cup and blender
Perfect for those who are always on the go! 

Vitantonio Cordless My Bottle Blender is a 2-in-1 cup and blender, can serve up the perfect 1 serving (300ml) of smoothie for those who are always on the go! Simply charge it via USB for 2 hours and blend up to 10 times.

The magnetic safety lock also ensures the motor blade only work in the designated cup, making it easy and safe to use. It can crush frozen fruit and ice (liquid must cover the frozen items) and create your own frozen treat!

After blending, simply uncap and drink straight from the cup. With an IPX5 rating, all parts are washable. (Do not soak/immerse the motor in water)

Morning: Making a Banana Smoothie for Busy Mornings

Lunch: Enjoy a cup of iced coffee

After work: Enjoy a protein supplement after workout

Night: Make different sauces for the nice meals


Other uses:

・Make takoyaki dough (*Can't be used for sticky dough such as bread dough)
・Whipped eggs
・Baby food making (Can be used outdoor)

How to Use

1. Put the ingredients in the bottle according to the recipe and attach the motor-blade (lid part).

2. Press and hold power button for 2 seconds to start blending.

3. Then, place it upside down on a flat surface.(If you hold it in your hand and shake it lightly, it will blend more easily)


4. It will stop blending after 40secs or press power button once to stop blending. Remove lid and pour into a mug or enjoy directly!

Product Specifications
Size W95mm×D85mm×H175mm
Weight 0.4kg~ 
USB Cable
0.5 meter
Material Bottle: Saturated polyester resin / Body: ABS resin / Blade: Stainless steel
Rotations Per Minute (RPM) 17,500/min
Plug type Magnet type USB
Modes Continuous blending for 40 seconds or press to start/stop blending
Power Consumption Lithium ion battery charging specification DC5V・1A / Can be used 40 seconds x 10 times with one full charge (about 2 hours).
Inclusive of Motor Blade cap, Bottle, Magnet type USB

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