Are your products authentic?

Yes, all the products sold on our website and our authorised retail partners listed in the Store Locator page are distributed by Happycooking UK Limited - Official UK reseller for BRUNO Japan, Vitantonio and Aladdin.

Beware of counterfeit, fakes as well as overseas import sets and products with no verifiable source and or warranty.

Due to the popularity of our products, many fakes and non-authorised sellers have popped up. The quality is vastly inferior and also do not have a valid warranty. Overseas import sets are also usually of a different voltage which will fuse upon use, rendering it useless.

We recommend buying only from our website or local authorised retailers for guaranteed authenticity and a peace of mind.


How long do your products last? How do I maintain / clean them?

Our products can last for a long time if you take care of them. Maintenance and care information are often included in the instructions manual so please read thru carefully. We also provide cleaning tips from time to time on our social media.


How often are new products / colours released?

We do try our best to secure and launch new products and new colours/variations, but this is entirely dependent on our principal brands as well.

Some of our products are seasonal / limited edition hence they are rarely repeated so if you spot something you like, we recommend you buy it before it goes out of stock!

We do not restock once a seasonal/limited edition product has been sold out or is out of season.

However, there will be times when our principal brands decide to re-launch a product or colour in a different shade or finish.

All new launches and updates will be posted on our social media, you can also sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with us.