BRUNO Lid Stainless Mug Short - Pink Beige

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Perfect for taking a breather. It's a drink-all-size stainless steel mug

A vacuum double-wall structure that keeps both cold and hot beverages at the right temperature. It features a slide-open lid for easy sipping and spill prevention, making it perfect for outdoor activities, remote work, and glamping. The stainless steel mug has a textured finish and a chic color palette, striking a perfect balance.

Key Features:

Maintains the perfect temperature for both cold and hot beverages.
Spill-resistant thanks to the lid.
Comes in an elegant gift box, making it a great gift option.


It features a high-performance stainless steel double-wall vacuum structure that provides excellent heat and cold retention. With its lid, you can confidently use it on your desk or bedside.

When you slide the lid, you'll find the drinking spout. It also features the BRUNO logo as a stylish detail.

The gasket can be removed for easy cleaning, ensuring hygiene.


Product Specifications
Size W130mm×H103mm×D90mm
Function Double vacuum structure, Heat retention effect: 71 degrees Celsius or above (1 hour), 33 degrees Celsius or above (6 hours), Cooling effect: 7 degrees Celsius or below (1 hour), 15 degrees Celsius or below (6 hours)
Net Weight
Inner bin: Stainless steel
Main body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid: Polypropylene/PBT resin
Handle: Polypropylene
Gasket: Silicone rubber
Capacity Approximately 0.32 liters

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