BRUNO Table Pot - Lavender

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Easy to use! Stainless Steel Table Pot that fits in with everyday life!

・A stainless steel table pot that is perfect for everyday life.
With its simple functions, it is easy to use and its compact size that does not take up space.
You can easily pour a drink just by pushing the lever and tilting it.
Fluororesin processing is applied to the inside, making it easy to clean even if it gets dirty.
・Vacuum double structure that keeps the proper temperature and a wide mouth type that makes it easy to put ice.
You can also drip directly by removing the one-touch removable lid and setting the dripper. 


・A tabletop pot with a simple design and color that fits into your daily dining table.
You can pour a drink by pushing and tilting the push lever above the handle.
You can easily remove the lid by pressing the open / close lever on the top of the lid.
Wide mouth type that can easily hold large ice cubes.

・With the vacuum double structure to keep the temperature of the drink.
・The fluorine coating makes it difficult for dirt and odors to adhere.
Even if you remove the lid, set the coffee dripper, and drip it as it is. Keeps the temperature of the drip coffee.
Comes with a package with illustrations. It is also recommended as a gift for those who start a new life.

Product Specifications
Size W98mm×H200mm ×D145mm
Material Inner bottle: Stainless steel (fluorine resin coating), Body: Stainless steel, Lid / center: Polypropylene / ABS resin, Handle / spout: Polypropylene, Packing: Silicone rubber

Vacuum double structure,
Heat insulation: 66°C or more (10 hours),
Cold insulation: 6
°C or less (6 hours)

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