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A 2WAY clothes steamer
Effortless wrinkle removal and freshen up your clothes quickly

When you want to smooth out wrinkles on your clothes before you go out, BRUNO Handy and Press Steamer can quickly take care of it!

The wide ironing surface allows you to quickly smooth out wrinkles, and the tip can be used to cleanly finish wrinkles on buttons and small parts. The shape is inspired by a retro iron.



A steamer that can be used quickly in every scene of everyday life

・It will start up quickly in 25 seconds, making it ideal for preparing for a busy morning.
Use the brush attachment to care for dust on long-haired clothing. You can also deodorize jackets and coats.
Press firmly on a wide ironing surface. For smoothing wrinkles on the entire clothing and creases on pants.
Since the tip is thin, it is easy to smooth out wrinkles in small parts such as around the buttons, collar and cuffs.

The sofa and the rug can be clean completely. It can deodorize sweat and pet odors, and disinfect interiors which are difficult to wash.
With a design inspired by an old-fashioned iron and a wood-grained handle, it fits into any interior style.

Temperature, steam amount and attachment
Can be switched according to the material and wrinkles of clothing

・With 3 level temperature control function, and steam can also be used in MID / HI mode.
The amount of steam can be adjusted in 2 steps. From delicate clothing care to stubborn wrinkle removal.
The steam trigger is placed inside the handle so that it is easy to operate while working.
By attaching a brush attachment, you can remove lint, dust, and hair from long-haired clothing.

Design & function considering daily clothing care

・The shape is easy to use on both hangers and presses.
The large water inlet and special cup prevent water from spilling. You can use steam for 3 shirts each time.
It is a set of the main body, stand, brush attachment, and water injection cup.

Product Specifications
Size W223mm×H133mm×D95mm
Capacity 100ml
Function Continuous steam use time: up to about 10 minutes, steam amount: ~10g / minute (Lo mode), ~15 g / minute (Hi mode), Temperature control (100/140/180°C) , Automatic heater OFF function
Power cord 3m
Net Weight
Power consumption
Water cup, Stand, brush

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