BRUNO Oval Hot Plate (Blue Gray)

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The BRUNO Oval Hotplate is the latest member to join the hotplate family and also its classiest member yet.

With beauty, simplicity and functionality in mind, the Scandinavian design gives your home that warmth and elegant touch it needs.

The upgraded heating base and protective base shield makes cooking and cleaning easier and faster!

Every Oval Hotplate comes with a flat plate, takoyaki plate, ceramic-coated pot (2 litres), silicone placemat and plate remover tool.

Content of each set
Comes with Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Ceramic Coated Pot, 2 Plate remover tool and a silicon mat.

Cook and Move!
After finished cooking, you can remove the plate with the Plate remover tool and move easily. Feel free to enjoy cooking while changing the plates one after another, just on the dining table.

That's all you need!
Included the most famous plates: Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, and Ceramic Coated Pot.

Flat Plate
Flat plate can be used on a wide range of dishes, such as Grilling, Paellera and Korea gyoban.

Takoyaki Plate
Making takoyaki and much more creative dishes. Can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ceramic Coated Pot
Enjoy hot pot and different stewed dishes with this famous plate!

Scarp tray
Put the Scarp tray under the plate, that would make cleansing more easier.

Oval Heater
The brand new oval heater, can easily transfers heat to each edges of plate evenly.

The Lid
Beautiful design with the BRUNO classic logo on it.

Easy temperature control
You can easily switch from OFF to HI by simply sliding the knob.

Side handle
Handles on both sides that make it easy to carry the main unit.

Rubber legs
The bottom has rubber legs, that do not easily damage the table.

Silicon mat
A convenient silicone mat that allows you to place the cooked plate on it.

Easy to clean
Since the heater and main body are integrated, so you can just wipe it with a cloth for cleansing.

Moroccan Kefta (with Flat Plate)
Takoyaki (with Takoyaki Plate)
Tomato Sukiyaki (with Ceramic Coated Pot)

Product Specifications
Size W390mm×H150mm×D260mm
Weight 3kg~ (without plates)
Material Body: Steel/Phenol resin
Flat plate/Takoyaki plate: Aluminum alloy (inner surface fluorine resin coating processing)
Pot: Aluminum alloy (inner ceramic coating, outer surface fluorine resin coating processing)
Scrap tray: Steel
plate replacement handle: Stainless steel
Heating Element Heating Base
Temperature Range 65-250 degree celsius
Power Consumption 1430wattage
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main Body, Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Ceramic-Coated Pot (2 litres), Silicon Mat, 2x Plate remover tool, Cover, and Power Cord

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