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Let clean air spread to every corner of the room

The exclusive structural design of the upright BALMUDA air purifier achieves a large air volume reaching the ceiling.
While circulating the indoor air, the TrueHEPA filter can filter 0.3um particles with an efficiency of 99.97%.
It is also equipped with an activated carbon deodorizing filter that can absorb the surface area of ​​six football fields*1 to quickly remove annoying odors. BALMUDA The Pure uses pure good air to provide a comfortable home space for every user.

*1 : Tested from the total amount of materials contained in the activated carbon deodorizing filter



With powerful air suction, it can purify the air in every corner of the room! While BALMUDA The Pure sends out good air directly upwards, it draws in a lot of air from the opening set at the bottom of the main body. Because of the design of PUSH & PULL, it can accelerate the circulation of indoor air and purify 7000 liters of air per minute*1.

BALMUDA The Pure, which is equipped with rectifying wings on the fan blades that send out air, applies this technology that was only used in aircraft engines in the past to products, and then designs based on fluid mechanics. Based on this technology, large volumes of air can be circulated quietly.

*1: During jet cleaning mode operation

Light pillar that purifies the air

The brightness of the light at the bottom of BALMUDA The Pure will change with the strength of the clean air. The main body adopts a minimalist style, and the introduction of light becomes a part of the design. Through the beam of light, the indoor air is kept clean, and the brightness of the beam of light will dim with the dimming of the indoor light.

The operating status is clear at a glance

The operating BALMUDA The Pure is placed in the living room where all the lights are off in the middle of the night, and there will be a thin light on, which tells us that the air is still being purified. When placed in a dark room and other places, the light can also be completely extinguished.

Concise presence

The protagonist of the living room or room is of course a person, and there are also furniture or beds for daily use. BALMUDA especially reduces its sense of existence and pursues a minimalist sense of simplicity. The placement area only needs to be about the size of an A4 paper, and it will not feel cumbersome when placed with other furniture.

Easy to use

All operations can be completed by using the 3 buttons above.
Pleasant operating sound also provides comfort in use.

Auto Mode: Equipped with a built-in sensor, it can automatically control the air volume.
Manual mode: 3 stages of air volume can be set.
Jet cleaning mode: maximum air volume mode. Because of the strong circulating air flow, it can effectively purify the indoor air.


Easy care and can be washed in water

The maintenance of BALMUDA The Pure is very simple, and the parts that are easy to collect dust can be disassembled for cleaning, so it can be kept clean at any time.


24-hour continuous use is generally recommended. When operating in automatic mode, the built-in sensor will automatically sense the air condition in the room, purify the air in the most appropriate mode, and maintain a comfortable living space at any time.

Cleaning operation, double clean

When cleaning, it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner and the jet cleaning mode together. If you use a vacuum cleaner together, it can attract flying dust and particles in the air to achieve more effective purification of indoor air.

Extreme deodorization

When you want to eliminate the smell of oily fume and food in the room after cooking and eating, the Jet cleaning mode can strongly attract indoor air, and quickly remove the peculiar smell you care about through the activated carbon filter.

Placed at the entrance of the porch to prevent pollen intrusion

Pollen is attached to clothes outdoors and invades indoors after returning home. During pollen season, place The Pure at the entrance of the porch. When using the Jet cleaning mode, the pollen is removed extremely quickly, which can prevent pollen from invading the room. Immediately after returning home, pat the clothes at the entrance of the porch to attract and remove the pollen before it falls to the floor. In this way, better results will be achieved.

Use with air conditioner to reach a comfortable room temperature easily and quickly

Because the large air volume of BALMUDA The Pure can be used to accelerate the circulation of air in the room, it can eliminate the difference in indoor temperature caused by the use of air conditioners or heaters. In addition, the efficiency of the cooler and heater can be improved to achieve the effect of energy saving.


The filter of BALMUDA The Pure can attract a large amount of particles and dust. In order to maintain the best performance, it is recommended to replace the filter once a year.


・Jet cleaning mode can filter 7,300 liters of air per minute, which is 10% higher than the previous version of AirEngine.
・Exclusive rectifying wings and fan blades can send stronger wind upwards.
・Equipped with dual filters - activated carbon deodorizing filter & TrueHEPA filter.
0.3μm particles can be filtered 99.97% within 30 minutes. 
・Particles, odors, viruses and formaldehyde Can be filtered 99.9% of PM2.5 within 30 minutes.
・Light pillar design at the bottom, can adjust the light according to air quality and wind strength.
・Simple structure design, easy to clean and reduce dust accumulation.
・Low to 19db volume during operation.

Product Specifications
Size W260mm×H700mm×D260mm
Weight 7KG~ (Net body)
Power consumption 2~72W
Voltage 220-240V
Plug type UK Type-G Plug

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