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Heat Up to 200°C in 0.2s!
Innovative technology to bake toast deliciously

Introducing the world's first super-fast infrared graphite toaster grill and oven!

The Aladdin Toaster heats up to 200 degrees Celsius in an amazing 0.2 seconds; thanks to its patented "Far Infrared Graphite" technology.

It conducts heat 10 times faster than any existing toaster or oven grill. This technology produces food that is crispy and crunchy on the outside, and tender, fluffy and moist on the inside, for perfect results every time!

Everything comes in one sleek, matte, vintage-style toaster which feeds a family of four easily!

Every Aladdin comes with a set of round grill pans and grill net.

Patented "Far Infrared Graphite" technology

Equipped with the patented technology "Far Infrared Graphite", it takes only 0.2 seconds to heat up, and have lots of advantages. By baking it in a high-temperature oven at once, the outside is crispy and the inside is moist, so the toast is finished with a chewy texture.

Instant heat up
Graphite heaters can now generate heat in 0.2 seconds. Compared to other heaters, it is the top-class heating speed.

High thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of graphite heaters is higher than that of gold, silver and copper, and 10 times that of iron. This high thermal conductivity greatly affects the instantaneous heat generation.

High temperature
The radiation intensity of the graphite heater is very high and can reach up to over 1300 degrees in a short time. It can be used widely as a heater and a cooker because it reaches a high temperature in a short time.

Strong directivity
Graphite heaters, which have a flat cross-section and are surface-emitting, can control the direction in which heat is emitted. By using the optimum reflector, heat is concentrated in one direction to ideally cooking.

Bake 4 slices of bread at the same time

Spacious interior with depth that can hold 4 slices of breads, which is suitable for large family.


The Secret of Delicious

Graphite heaters heats up in just 0.2 seconds, raising the temperature inside the oven instantly. By baking the bread at a high temperature for a short period of time, the moisture in the bread is retained inside, making the toast crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Cooking hot and fast is the key to delicious toast.

The grill pan expands the range of recipes

By cooking with the lid on, the temperature inside the grill pan can be increased to 330°C, allowing you to enjoy a variety of cooking such as grilling, simmering, steaming, cooking, warming, oven cooking, and healthy cooking that does not use oil. In addition, the lid prevents the oil from splashing, and it also has the effect of reducing dirt and odors from sticking to the inside of the oven.

Every Aladdin comes with a set of round grill pans and grill net, the shape is different with the pictures above.

Product Specifications
Size Outer: W350mm×D334mm×H235mm
Inner:  W310mm×D285mm×H87mm
Weight 11kg~ 
Capacity 10litre / bake 4 slices of toasts at once
Heating Element Top: Graphite Heater
Bottom: Quartz Tube heater
Temperature Range 100-280 degree celsius (When both round grill pans are used together, the internal temperature can even reach 330-degree celsius.)
Power Consumption 1530W
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of 1 set of round grill plates (1 flat, 1 grill), 1 round grill net, 1 baking net and 1 crumb tray.

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