BRUNO Instant Hot Water Dispenser – White

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With 2200W super-fast heating, hot water can be produced within 3 seconds after the press. Just simple and convenient, let you easily develop a good water drinking habit!


There are 5 temperature options, including room temperature, 50°C, 80°C, 90°C, and 100°C. It could easily fulfil the purpose of making tea, mixing milk powder, cup noodles, etc.

The 2.5L separate extra-large water storage tank can be disassembled for cleaning and water replacement. It is also equipped with a child lock protection that automatically locks when not in use.

・2200W fast heat up, 3 secs to release hot water
・Can select room temp, 50°C,80°C,90°C or 100°C
・2 dispensing modes: 250ml or continuous
・2.5 liter water tank
・Child lock protection


Product Specifications
Size W290mm×H301mm×D115mm
Capacity 2.5L
Power Consumption 2200watt
Mode Dispensing 250ml / Continuous dispensing mode
Net Weight
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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