BRUNO Hot Soup Blender Pro - Ivory (Preorder: Late May)

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Soy milk, hot soup and smoothies in one machine!
The upgraded version added appointment and cleaning function

Make 2-3 servings at a time, saving cooking time and making it more convenient! BRUNO launched an upgraded multi-function Hot Soup Blender Pro, which has an upgraded capacity of 600ml and added 1-11 hour appointment and cleaning functions to make the cooking process easier. One machine with multiple functions and fast homemade soy milk, hot soup and smoothie, you can enjoy the fun of cooking all year round!

・Soymilk & Soup Blender for small families
・600 ml perfect for 2 - 3 people
・New preset timer of 1-11 hours and cleaning program
・Brushless and low-noise DC motor
・4 programs: Soymilk, Boiled Soup, Hot Blend, Smoothie
・Soymilk and hot soup can be prepared in 28 mins
・Heat up and blending in one machine
・Top glass window for easy checking cooking status


600ml capacity is suitable for 2 - 3 people.

Added 1 - 11 hour appointment and cleaning function

High-efficiency DC silent motor and glass top window for easier cooking

Size comparison:
Upgraded version (600ml) (Left): Approx. W 170 x D 150 x H 245mm
Standard version (350ml) (right): Approx. W 103 x D 124 x H 241mm

Product Specifications
Size W170mm×H245mm×D150mm
Weight 1.3kg~ 
Capacity 600ml
Power Consumption 600W (heating) / 80W (blending)
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Power cable, measuring spoon and cleaning brush

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