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Electric kettle that you want to use every day

The small size makes it easier to boil water. The beautiful texture of stainless steel and the lighthouse-like power lamp that shines slightly make the time to boil water repeated many times a day fun.

Good design

Just the right size of 600ml that doesn't take up storage space. The shape of the nozzle and handle is particular about pouring. Designed for easy and comfortable use every day.

Just the right size, easy to use and light

3 cups of coffee and 2 cups of noodles. It is a size that matches the amount you use often. It is easy to handle and light enough to be used quickly.

Pleasant pouring comfort

The well-researched handle and nozzle have realized an unprecedented pouring comfort. The handle fits comfortably in your hand, the nozzle drains well, and it is designed to make it easy to pour exactly where you want it.

Slowly and quickly

Drip coffee is slow but cup noodles should be quick. Since you can control the flow velocity without stress, the time to pour hot water will be more enjoyable than it is now.

Lights that are easy to see from anywhere

The power lamp, which is easy to see from various angles, is a unique and gentle light that uses a small neon tube. Even a moment of boiling water will be a relax time.

Have a great time

The luxurious time to brew coffee or tea slowly in front of customers. Enjoy a wonderful time at BALMUDA The Pot.


Product Specifications
Size W269mm×H128mm×D170mm
Net Weight
Material Body: Stainless steel lid, Handle: Polypropylene
Power consumption

220V-240V 1200W

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