BRUNO Cordless Multi Chopper - Blue

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3 Attachments & 7 Functions!
Effortless and Efficient Cooking with BRUNO!

A cordless multi-chopper that is very useful for preparing all kinds of cooking.
3 attachments, 7 functions - No matter the dish you're making, the BRUNO Cordless Multi Chopper can save you the trouble and help you cook quickly!

Bundled with 3 attachments: 4-blade unit, Grating disc and Foaming disc.

Just place all your ingredients in the container and press the button. Simple to operate and everything is completed in the container, so less washing is required.

Besides using it in the kitchen, you can also use it at the dinning table or bring it out for camping! Use it without worrying about the location of the power outlet or the power cord length. 

Every part can be removed and washed with water, except for the motor unit.
The compact size makes it easy to handle and store.


3 Attachments & 7 Functions!

4-Blade Unit

Useful for food prep, baby food and even making desserts.



Grating Disc

Grate ingredients safely and without getting your hand dirty.


Foaming Disc

Make whipped cream and meringue easily without making a mess.


More recipes with different accessories!

4-Blade Unit: No matter ice cubes or vegetables, it can be crushed or mashed quickly!

Grating Disc: Suitable for making all kinds of baby food, just put the ingredients in, press intermittently, about 5 to 15 times till desired texture.

Foaming Disc: It is easy to make the whipped cream, just pour in whipping cream and continuously push till desired consistency.



・Cordless design and highly portable for indoor or outdoor use.
・120W motor with stainless steel 4-wing blades to process the meat and ice efficiently.
・Grater and whisker are included for grating garlic, radish, whipping cream and sauces.
・Glass container with protective cover to prevent leaks when processing liquid ingredients.
・Compact size for easy storage
・1500mAh built-in battery with micro-USB port, taking 4 hours for a full charge and around 6 mins of use


Product Specifications
Size W118mm×H215mm×D118mm
Capacity Max: 300g (with liquid)
Function 4-Blade Unit: Chop / Mix / Mash / Grind / Crush
Grating Disc: Grate
Foaming Disc: Whip
USB cable length 80cm
Net Weight
Power consumption
DC7.4V 1500mAh
Charging time
Operating time
4-Blade Unit & Grating Disc: After operating 30s, rest for 10 minutes.
Foaming Disc: After operating 1 minute, rest for 10 minutes.
Motor unit, Lid, Grating Disc, Foaming Disc: ABS resin (80°C ~ -20°C)
Container: Glass
4-Blade unit: Stainless steel
Spatula: Polypropylene (120°C ~ -20°C)

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