BRUNO Slow Cooking & Yogurt Maker

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Brand new! Fermented food + Slow cooking!

Brand new! Fermented food + Slow cooking!

Greek cheese, soy milk cheese, cottage cheese, black garlic... These traditional fermented foods can easily make by simple ingredients. Using BRUNO Yogurt Maker, you can easily make them at home!

No more unnecessary artificial chemicals! You can also control the quality of ingredients and flavouring sugars independently. With multiple functions, precise temperature adjustment and time control, Yogurt Maker can also use for slow cooking too!

100% handmade and natural, you can eat more safely and more happily!


BRUNO Yogurt Maker can make a variety of fermented foods and low-temperature slow-cooking, including cottage cheese, miso, soy sauce koji, salt koji, sugar-free cheese, sour cream, fruit vinegar, etc. (from left to right in the picture).

For the auto fermentation function, you can simply adjust "temperature" and "time" to make a variety of fermented foods. The temperature range is from 25°C to 65°C, adjusted every 1°C; the time can be controlled from 1 hour to 48 hours. Provide great flexibility in making fermented food! Besides, the product is specially designed to directly put 500ml or 1L boxed milk, without changing the fermentation container, making cheese that you have to eat every day is much faster!

Accessories included: 2 special containers, 1 mixing spoon, and 1 small measuring cup.

Very small and 650g lightweight.

Remember to thoroughly sterilize the container to avoid the growth of unnecessary bacteria during fermentation. When cleaning the body, it is enough to use clean water and a soft cloth. Special containers and measuring cups can be cleaned with neutral detergent and dried in air.

Let's take yogurt as an example. Just add milk (in room temperature) and yogurt / yogurt powder into the special container, put it into the machine after mixing, set 40~42℃ and 6 hours, then just wait for it done!

Besides yogurt, there are a variety of delicious and healthy fermented foods that can be made. For details, please refer to the website:, there are more than 40 creative recipes for BRUNO yogurt maker!



Product Specifications
Size W130mm×H138mm×D281mm
Weight 650g
Power Consumption 30wattage
Temperature Range 25-65 degree celsius
Time Range 1-48 hours
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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