HOOOME Candle Warmer - Rose Gold HM-007RG-HK

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HOOOME Candle Warmer

Delivering pure fragrance with no open flames nor black smoke. The surface of the candle is heated and melted gently and evenly. Adjustable brightness and heat for different varieties of scented candles.

・Two 50-watt light bulbs included.
・220-240V, with UK Standard 3-pin plug.
・Provide one-year warranty.


Q: Is it normal for the entire candle to turn into liquid after being illuminated by the candle warmer for a period of time?
A: Yes, it's normal, don't worry! When not in use, the candle will solidify again as it cools down.

Q: What principle does the candle warmer use to produce fragrance? Why does the candle not appear to decrease after using the melting lamp?
A: The candle warmer utilizes the heat emitted by the bulb to release essential oil fragrances from the candle. Therefore, using a melting lamp consumes very little wax and mainly depletes the aromatic essential oil components inside the candle. As a result, the lifespan of a candle used with a melting lamp is usually longer than that of a candle burned conventionally. It's really convenient and cost-effective, allowing you to replace the scent of the candle according to your mood!

Q: When using a candle warmer with a candle, should the melted wax be poured out? How do you determine when the candle's life is over?
A: After using for a while, if you notice the fragrance produced by the candle becoming weaker, you can pour out some of the melted wax on the surface. (Note: Do not pour wax oil into the drain, pour it into the trash can instead.) After pouring out the surface wax oil, continue to use the candle warmer, and it will produce a more pronounced fragrance again. When you reach the end, if you find that the candle has completely lost its scent, or if all the wax oil has been poured out, it means the candle's life is over, and it's time to replace it with a new one!

Q: What are the advantages of using a candle warmer? Why do so many people like candle warmers?
A: In addition to extending the lifespan of candles, using a candle warmer results in a smooth surface on the candle. Moreover, candle warmers offer safety and convenience as there is no need to worry about flames, allowing for a smoke-free and pure aromatic experience! Furthermore, HOOOME's candle warmers feature adjustable light switches, allowing users to control the brightness and determine the melting speed and fragrance intensity!

Q: Can the same candle be alternately used with a candle warmer and lit with fire?
A: Yes! You can choose to light the candle with fire or use a candle warmer depending on your mood. Candle warmers can also repair unevenly burned candle surfaces! If you have candles with uneven burn marks at home, it's recommended to use a candle warmer, which can prolong the lifespan of the candle.

Please note that it's important not to use lit candles and candle warmers simultaneously to avoid any potential hazards!

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