IRIS OHYAMA Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner IC-SLDCP5

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IRIS OHYAMA Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner IC-SLDCP5

IRIS OHYAMA SLDCP5 vacuum cleaner adopts cyclone suction head, the suction power is improved again! Tiny garbage such as coffee powder and tea can also be inhaled, and the dust inhalation rate is over 99%. The biggest feature of SLDCP5 is that it is equipped with an electrostatic brush, which can absorb dust and hair through static electricity, and can be used to clean small furniture, cabinets, crevices, etc. After finishing cleaning, just put the electrostatic brush into the cleaning position of the electrostatic brush at the bottom of the base, and the body can suck the dust attached to the electrostatic brush into the dust box, making cleaning easier!

  • Using a cyclone suction head, the suction power is increased by 3 times (compared to the original upright vacuum cleaner from Japan)! Tiny garbage such as coffee powder and tea can also be inhaled, and the dust inhalation rate is over 99%.
  • The weight of the product is only 1.4kg, and the Somatosensory weight is only 430g. Cleaning every time is like taking a walk. (*Somatosensory weight refers to the weight felt by the hand during use; the above data is measured by the IRIS OHYAMA laboratory in Japan.).
  • Revolutionary electrostatic brush uses static electricity to attract dust and hair.
  • Equipped with a "dust level" sensor device.
  • Charge for 3 hours, Operation Time - up to 30 minutes of continuous use.
  • The soft fiber floor brush combined with the newly developed cyclonic powerful suction head can completely remove the garbage on the carpet and between the gaps.
  • It can be transformed into a portable vacuum cleaner at any time for easy cleaning of small furniture. It also comes with a slit brush head to keep every corner clean.
  • Using a dust bag, no direct contact with dust is required. It is also very convenient to clean the components.
  • Product size: 22.4 x 16.3 x 104.3 cm, Product weight: 1.4kg.
  • Traditional Chinese Control Panel and User manual.

    Approximately 1.2kg! Simple and convenient, effortless cleaning

    With its minimalist and lightweight design, it embodies the concept of easy cleaning.
    Easily operated with just one hand, its cordless design makes cleaning even easier.

    Cyclonic vortex design for stronger suction

    The design of the suction head generates a cyclonic airflow internally after activation, resulting in stronger suction power. Specifically designed for cleaning hair and dust, the unique floor nozzle design can be used on carpets, under beds, and stairs. Even hard-to-reach corners and edges can be easily cleaned.

    Perfectly clean every corner of the room.

    The cyclonic suction head can draw in dust piled up in corners and along edges from both ends of the suction head.

    Cyclonic suction head ensures floors remain undamaged.

    Traditional vacuum cleaners can easily scratch surfaces like floors and carpets during cleaning. By using a cyclonic suction head, the floors are cleaned using airflow principles, ensuring surfaces remain undamaged for a cleaner clean.

    High-efficiency dust sensor

    Equipped with an automatic dust sensor. The red light illuminates when there is dust, and the green light illuminates when there is no dust.
    Equipped with an automatic sensing mode, it operates at full power when there is a lot of dust, and switches to energy-saving mode when there is less dust!

    Small space storage is no problem at all

    Doesn't take up space, easy to store, quick to place, and ready to use anytime, light and space-saving.
    Wall-mounted storage rack: Use the included double-sided tape to attach the wall-mounted storage rack to the appropriate height on the wall.

    Easy to clean

    Cleaning the filter mesh is simple, and you can easily remove the dust from the dust bag.


    Product Specifications
    Size W163mm×D224mm×H1043mm
    Weight 1.4kg~ 
    Material Plastic
    Usage time Normal mode: Approximately 20 minutes
    Smart mode: Approximately 30 minutes
    Turbo mode: Approximately 9 minutes (when the battery is fully charged / at room temperature of 20°C)
    Battery Capacity 1500mAh
    Charging Time 3 hours
    Power Consumption DC18V
    Dust Collection Capacity 0.3L
    Voltage 220-240v
    Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.

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