LINE FRIENDS Ceramic Lunchbox (1000ml)

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LINE FRIENDS Ceramic Lunchbox (1000ml)

・Made of ceramic material, crafted with high-temperature firing process, full of texture.
・Resistant to high temperatures without fading, safe for storing food.
・Suitable for use in microwave ovens (remove the lid before use).
・1000ml capacity, suitable for various occasions.
・Matte glaze surface for enhanced durability and delicate touch.
・Includes partitions for convenient placement of different foods.
・Equipped with silicone sealing ring, hidden exhaust vents, and anti-skid bottom.

Maintenance Tips

1. During use, be mindful of using metal knives and forks as they may cause scratches. Toothpaste can be used to polish and remove scratches.
2. Avoid using hard objects like steel wire balls for scrubbing. It is recommended to use a soft cloth for cleaning.
3. Try to avoid rapid changes in temperature to prevent damage to the ceramic and avoid cracking.
4. Products with gold or silver trim should not be used in microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, or over direct heat.
5. Do not leave acidic foods on ceramics for an extended period. Clean promptly after use.

Please read the following notes before purchase:

Handcrafted products may exhibit unevenness in hand-painted patterns and differences in color depth, which are characteristic of handmade items. If you mind these features, please do not purchase.

Black spots, small holes, concave/convex points, etc., may occur during the ceramic production process due to limitations in the production process and are not quality issues.

The handmade decal may exhibit partial overlap or slight whitening at the seams, or slight tilting, which are normal.

Craftsmen may adjust the depth of colors in the artwork and variations in color due to temperature changes during firing, which are normal and not quality issues.

Handcrafted by artisans, variations in brush strokes resulting in individual differences and unevenness are normal.

Product Specifications
Size W140mm×D200mm×H70mm
Weight 0.6kg~ 
Capacity 1000ml
Material Ceramic

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