Outin Nano Portable Espresso Machine (Space Grey)

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Portable Rich Crema Espresso Machine with 3-Mins Self-Heating

Weighing like a loaf of bread less than 700g, you can take Outin Espresso Machine anywhere for espresso with its travel-sized shape. With just one tap, you can start brewing your golden ratio coffee with a bottle-sized Outin at home or outdoors. Now, overpriced coffee and long waiting time at cafes is over.


Best buddy for travels

This portable electric coffee machine can create a first-class espresso even in harsh conditions. Unlike other similar machines, it doesn't require hot water, as the Outin has a built-in battery that heats the cold water to the desired temperature.


  • Light Weight: Weighted Less than 700 g
  • Fast Heating: Only 180 seconds* to Heat Up
  • Rich Crema: Up to 92°C/198°F through 20 Bars Pressure with Richer Crema Coffee
  • Long Battery Life: 7500 mAh Battery for 5 times* Cold Water / 100+ Hot Water Brews
  • Pro-level Standards: European Certified Materials & Coffee Brewing Center Standards
  • Universal Charging: in 12V or 24V Car Charger and USB Charger( >10W)
  • 2 in 1 Coffee Method: Feature with Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules

How To Use:

1. ADD

Supports both ground coffee and capsules.


Screw the portafilter onto the coffee maker tightly.


Add 50-80ml of either hot/cold water into the water tank.


Press 2 seconds to automatically heat up cold water & extract
Press 5 seconds or quickly press the button twice for hot water to extract

Enjoy your espresso anywhere

Making a delicious shot of espresso has never been easier. Outin is your go-to companion for trips as it only needs water and coffee. This portable espresso machine heats and pressurizes water for you, anytime and anywhere.

Designed to be 3x Faster

Many portable coffee machines only support brewing with hot water, which means you have to bring another bottle of hot water or take a water kettle with you to make coffee outdoors. Outin got you covered! Our revolutionary heating blade heats up 50ML of cold water to 198°F, the perfect temperature for espresso in just 3 minutes! Outin takes care of all the temperature settings and timing for you so you don't have to.
  • Up To 5 Cups with Cold Water
  • 200 Cups with Hot Water

20 Bar Pressure for Rich Crema Coffee

Bar Pressure is key in deciding the quality of coffee, Outin’s industry-leading automatic 20 Bar Pressure pump brews coffee with unbelievable crema that is comparable to desk coffee machines, delivering a silky smooth-tasting espresso, with an incredible aroma lingering in your mouth.


Product Specifications
Size W70mm×D70mm×H230mm
Weight 0.7KG
Capacity 80ml
Power Consumption 90W
Build-in Battery 7500mAh (* Can heats 50ml of water from 25°C to the extractable temperature (92°C) 5 times after fully charged)
Material Food-Grade ABS and Stainless Steel
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.
Inclusive of Main body, Coffee cup, Capsule adapter, Ground coffee filter basket, Ground coffee spoon, USB-C cable

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