Panasonic Diamond "Kamado" IH Rice Cooker SR-JHS189 (1.8L / 220V UK version) (Preorder: Late June)

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Delicious rice is cooked to perfection using 2-layer IH technology!

Panasonic Diamond "Kamado" IH Rice Cooker SR-JHS189 (1.8L / 220V UK version)

・Made in Japan!
・220V UK Plug version, no adapter is needed for UK uses
・English + Traditional Chinese control panel and user manual
・Dispatch & Delivered in 14 days

・Capacity: 1.8L (1-10 cups)
2-layer induction heating to heat the rice more thoroughly
Diamond "Kamado" pan (鑽石竈釜) with heat convection of fine bubbles generated by diamond coating enhances heating to each grain of rice
Fuzzy logic control for cooking pearl rice and jasmine rice
Cooking programs: Delicious, Regular, Quick, 1-2 Person, Congee (1-4 hours), Casserole, Brown Rice, Grains, Cake & Steam
24-hour cooking preset timer
Keep warm up to 24 hours
Rice washing in inner pan allowed
Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
Steam cap equipped
Steaming basket, rice scoop, ladle & measuring cup included
Power consumption: 1,300W
Colour: Gold

Induction heating (IH) cooks rice to a delectable and chewy perfection

Intense Induction Heating (IH)
With bottom and side IH, rice grains are cooked evenly for a plump and flavorful result.

Witness the Power of IH!
Induction Heating ensures rice grains are thoroughly heated, unleashing the utmost chewiness! *

IH Electric Cooker:
White rice and brown rice mixed evenly! The display shows the thorough rolling heat process, resulting in consistently chewy texture.

Microcomputer Electric Cooker:
Noticeable layering of brown and white rice! The display indicates insufficient rolling heat during the cooking process, leading to uneven texture.

* Results from tests conducted in 2017 by Panasonic Taiwan using the IH Electric Cooker model SR-KT067 and the Microcomputer Electric Cooker model SR-ZS105, with the same amount of rice, water, and cooking time.


Mastering the Cooking Key for a More Delicious Taste

In traditional rice cookers, after pressing the cooking button, you still need to soak the rice for a certain period before it starts cooking. After that, it requires simmering before consumption. With an IH rice cooker, the intense heat allows immediate and thorough cooking without the need for soaking. Enjoy delicious and chewy rice right after it's done cooking.

Diamond "Kamado"(鑽石竈釜) Unleashes Key to Delicious Rice

The high thermal conductivity of diamond particles enables direct heat transmission to the core of the rice; coupled with the special gold-coating, it enhances thermal conductivity and heat retention, rendering the rice brilliantly translucent with even heating, preserving its natural sweetness and delectable flavor.

Professional Cooking Programs to Meet Different Needs

10 Cooking Programs to Fulfill Diverse Culinary Needs

With a variety of cooking programs, it's convenient to prepare different dishes.
Best flavour, Regular cooking, Quick cooking, Small amount, Congee, Rice casserole
Brown, Rice with grains added, Bake a Cake, Steam.

Ideal for Small Families or Those with Smaller Appetites

Even if you're cooking just a cup of rice, you can still enjoy the delightful chewiness and fragrance of IH-cooked rice.


Convenient Design for Easy Operation and Cleaning 

Stainless Steel Inner Lid
Detachable and washable with just one press.

Stainless Steel Exterior
Easy to wipe clean.

Easy-to-Clean Inner Pot
Sponge cleaning that doesn't cause abrasion.

High Praise and Recommendations

A Blessing for Busy Moms - Making Meals Effortless

Prepare cleaned and shredded Napa cabbage, sliced sausages, and white rice. Put them into the cooker and set it on the "Delicious Cooking" mode. When the time's up, open it, mix well, and it's ready to be served in bowls!

With the Panasonic IH rice cooker, the natural sweetness of the Napa cabbage and the richness of the sausages combine perfectly with the rice. My kids absolutely love it. Watching them happily devouring their meal brings me so much satisfaction.

Recommended by 《Sunny&Annie媽咪》


A Culinary Novice's Best Helper - Professional Cooking Modes for Effortless Mastery

When cooking rice, my biggest concern is the risk of burnt bottoms or inaccurate water levels. With the IH rice cooker's cooking modes, precise settings mean I don't need to worry about ruining any rice dish. I can entrust it with even my most complex recipes!

The deliciously chewy rice grains, combined with the aroma of vegetables and salmon, greet me when I open the lid. The fragrance alone tempts me to eat several bowls!

Recommended by Fifi Wu 吳妃妃 軟糖媽咪



Product Specifications
Capacity 1.8L (1-10 cups)
IH Heating Yes
Pre-set Timer 24 hours (at 10-minute intervals)
Charcoal Coated Inner Pan Diamond coating
Inner Pan Diamond "Kamado" Pan
Colour Charcoal grey
Congee Cooking Timer 1-4 hours
Steam Cooking Timer 1-60 minutes
Power Consumption Rice Cooking: 1,300W
Keep Warm: 650W
Inclusive of Inner Pan, Steaming Basket, Rice Scoop, Ladle, Measuring Cup, Power cord
Steam Cooking Timer 1-60 minutes
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.


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