Panasonic 2-in-1 IH Warm Jar + IH Rice Cooker SR-N101 (1L / 220V UK version)

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2-in-1 IH Warm Jar + IH Rice Cooker!

Panasonic SR-N101 (1L / 220V UK version)

・220V UK Plug version, no adapter is needed for UK uses
・English/Tranditional control panel and English/Traditional Chinese user manual
・2-in-1 IH Warm Jar for daily rice cooking and induction cooking
IH Warm Jar cooking program: White Rice (Regular, Delicious, Quick), Glutinous Rice, Mixed Rice, Congee, Grain Congee, Steam & Soup
Capacity: 1.0L (1-5cups)
IH heater uniformly heats the pan for delicious rice
Stainless steel inner pan with “Binchotan” coating
Fuzzy logic control
24-hour cooking preset timer
Keep warm up to 5 hours
Insulated body design, keep warm up to 3 hours even without power
Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
IH cooker cooking program: Hot Pot, Pan Fry, Stir Fry & Manual
Power Consumption: 2,000W
10 levels of heat adjustment, bottom temperature sensor controls the temperature precisely
Overheat prevention, small object detection & pot detection
Auto shut off function:
- No pot detection or no operation
- No operation after heating
Child lock key avoids pressing the wrong buttons on the control panel by mistake
Slip-resistant microcrystalline top plate to fix the cookware
Touch panel & LCD display
Compact design, no need of extra storage for IH cooker
Grade 5 Energy Label
Steaming basket, rice scoop, ladle & measuring cup included
Colour: White
Made in China


IH Warm Jar + IH Cooker Superb Rice & Delicious Hot Dishes Every Day

Fluffy & Delicious Rice Cooking with Powerful IH

The powerful IH heats the rice evenly, each grain of rice is cooked sweet and delicious.

Fast temperature rise through powerful heating, heat permeates uniformly even when cooking a large amount of rice.

Diversify Cooking Menus

Easy-to-use Functions

Keep Warm Up to 3 Hours Even Without Power

By removing the Warm Jar body from the heater, rice can stay warm for up to 3 hours. Everyone can enjoy delicious rice throughout the meal.

・Keep rice warm for up to 5 hours with power.
・Easily remove the Warm Jar body and the IH Cooker can be used separately.


Stainless Steel Inner Pan with "Binchotan" Coating

Deliver heat to the core of each rice grain to cook sweeter and more delicious rice.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Powerful and Uniform Heating Up to 2000W

2000W powerful heat permeates evenly throughout the pots and pans. Cookware heats up quickly and helps you cook more efficiently.

Output Power 200W - 2000W
Precise temperature control with 10 heat adjustment settings.

Compatible Cookware and Sizes:

Iron, enamel, and stainless steel: Flat pan bottom can fit tightly with the microcrystalline panel


Flexible Control, Satisfying Various Cooking Needs

In respond to different cooking methods, the bottom sensor can accurately control the temperature for heating and making delicious food.


Simply use and a soft sponge to clean each diluted detergent accessory.



Product Specifications
Capacity 1L
Power Consumption 2000W
Tasty Recipes White Rice, Quick Cook, Sticky Rice, Mixed Rice, Congee (Porridge), Steaming, Soup
Inner Pan Stainless steel with "Binchotan" coating
Function IH Heating, Fuzzy Logic, Quick Cook, Reheating, LCD Display
32.8 x 27.2 x 25.3 cm
Inclusive of Measuring Cup, Steaming Basket, Rice Scoop, Ladle
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.


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