Panasonic Auto Stirring Pressure Cooker SR-SG501 (5L / 220V UK version)

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A Culinary Revolution!
Waterless Recipes Presets + Auto Stirring Pressure Cooking!

Panasonic Auto Stirring Pressure Cooker SR-SG501 (5L / 220V UK version)

・220V UK Plug version, no adapter is needed for UK uses
・English control panel and English/Traditional Chinese user manual
・Dispatch & Delivered in 14 days

・Capacity: 5L
Auto-stirring function (磁動力無軸攪拌) with magnetic driven shaftless stirring blade saves cooking time and effort
Stainless steel inner pan
46 Meat, Vegetable & Seafood Waterless (無水料理) Recipes preset menus
3 one-touch Special Recipes (Chicken, Pork & Curry) and 8 Other Recipes (Apple Jam, Lemon Jam, Yogurt, Porridge, Cake, Fermentation, Blueberry Jam & Strawberry Compote) preset menus without cooking power adjustment needed
"Auxiliary Cooking" for food flavouring and saucing after pressure cooking
High / Mid / Low pressure cooking selection which can shorten cooking time and retain food nutrition
Auto / Manual steam exhaust function
16-component safety protection system
13-hour cooking preset timer
Keep warm up to 24 hours
Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
Slide lock design
Stirring blade, grip of stirring blade, steaming plate, ladle & measuring cup included
Power consumption: 1,100W


46 Preset menus selection


Special Features

Three levels of pressure selection

Choose among High, Middle and Low Pressure

With auto-stirring function (磁動力無軸攪拌)

Only need to put in ingredients and set the timer

3 Level of Pressure Cookings

High Pressure Cooking
(Approx. 98KPa / 120°C; Approx. 2.0 Atmospheric Pressure)

Able to cook tough food or food that can hardly be fully cooked. By using High Pressure Cooking, you can consume the whole small fish, fostering the calcium absorption.
E.g. Pork tendon, beans, abalone, etc.

Middle Pressure Cooking
(Approx. 59KPa / 113°C; Approx. 1.6 Atmospheric Pressure)

Able to cook tender food or food that can easily be fully cooked. By using Middle Pressure Cooking, you can cook vegetables without smashing them.
E.g. Squid, shrimp, radish, etc.

Low Pressure Cooking
(Approx. 19.6KPa / 105°C; Approx. 1.2 Atmospheric Pressure)

Able to cook highly perishable food like fruits. By using Low Pressure Cooking, you can make jams without deteriorating the nutrition inside them.
E.g. Apple, strawberry, etc.

Stainless steel golden pan

No Worries! 16 Safety Measures


Product Specifications
Capacity 5L
Power Consumption 1100W
Pressure Select High / Mid / Low
Inner Pan Stainless steel inner pan
Function Waterless Recipes (Meat, Vegetable & Seafood)
One-touch Special Recipes (Chicken, Pork & Curry)
Other Recipes (Apple Jam, Lemon Jam, Yogurt, Porridge, Cake, Fermentation, Blueberry Jam & Strawberry Compote)
Other function
Keep Warm, Timer, Auxiliary Cooking
28.8 x 36.1 x 30.0 cm
Inclusive of Measuring Cup, Steaming Plate, Porridge (Soup) Dew Collector, Stirring Blade, Grip of the Stirring Blade
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for UK use.


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