BRUNO Styling Handy Steamer - Blue Gray

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Quickly removed wrinkles and odors!
BRUNO Styling Handy Steamer prepares your daily life!

Even on a busy morning, you can still get ready quickly in about 25 seconds. Put the clothes on a hanger, use the powerful steam of BRUNO Styling Handy Steamer to quickly smooth out wrinkles.

It is lightweight and compact, so that everyone can hold it with one hand easily, and it also saves the trouble of refilling water with a large-capacity water tank.

It can also disinfect curtains and sofas that are difficult to wash completely, remove allergens such as pollen, and deodorize cigarette odors and pet odors.

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from clothing care on busy weekdays to homeware care on holidays.

The wrinkles on your clothes are straightened, your mind is refreshed too! It makes your daily life more easier!




A compact steamer that is easy to use in all everyday situations

・Lightweight and easy-to-hold design. It can starts up in 25 seconds, so you can quickly take care of your clothes even on a busy morning.
・Jackets and coats that are prone to sweat, cigarettes, and food and drink odors can be removed by simply steaming after returning home.
Even homeware that are difficult to wash, such as fur, rugs, curtains, and stuffed animals, can be easily sterilized and odor care completed with steam.
Comes with a convenient hanging hook.



Lo / Hi steam Mode & 2 Attachments that can be switched according to the clothes material

・Lo mode: For thin fabrics and delicate clothing.
Hi mode: When you want to remove thick clothing or stubborn wrinkles.
Head cover: For delicate clothing such as silk and cashmere. It also prevents clothes from getting wet on the condensed ironing surface.
Brush: For thick clothing with long hair. You can also remove lint and dust on your clothes.



Design & function considering daily clothing care

・A narrow grip that is easy to grip even with small hands. 
The ON / OFF switch is inside the grip and can be operated with one hand.
・Water in the water tank does not easily spill during water supply and is stress-free.
The water tank has a large capacity of 130 ml. Steam for 3 clothes can be sprayed with one water supply, saving the trouble of water supply.

New habit of steam care!



Product Specifications
Size W93mm×H217mm×D110mm
Capacity 130ml
Function Continuous steam use time: up to about 8 minutes, steam amount: ~10g / minute (Lo mode), ~18 g / minute (Hi mode), automatic heater OFF function

Power cord 3m
Net Weight
Power consumption
Water cup, head cover, brush

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